Sunday, November 14, 2010

What a bonfire! We had a great time with our little bonfire day. There must have been at least 20 kids that showed up, every time Bryan took the tractor out he had a whole bucket full of kids. They loved it and we were so happy that so many friends and family showed up. One big highlight..Bryan's aunt bought these marsh-mellows that were the size of softballs. They were a hit with everyone! All the kids loved adding to the fire and they kept it going real good. Everyone that came out seemed to like what we have done to the house thus far, some even liked the color in my crazy room. We definitely will have more of these little get-togethers. Thanks to all that made it out and see you soon!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween was a blast! We had two 'modern day' Dorthys and one dog. I was actually surprised how many people guessed Dorthy when we were trick or treating. Zalynn was great this year as far as knocking on doors and not being afraid to say "trick or treat". She didn't really get scared when we approached 'scary' houses either. We ended up going to the fair and it is so nice that the kids are getting bigger because then we don't have to ride those rides that make us big time sick. Sienne and Keah must have ridden this one ride called 'zero gravity' about eight times. Just watching them made us dizzy. One of the pictures of the girls was taken at a playground on Daniel Island. You can see the bridge in the background but I took it because in five years instead of that view there will be houses covering up the background. Well, with soccer being over we might actually have a relaxing Saturday this weekend.