Thursday, December 30, 2010

We have had a busy couple of days. We went to Great Wolf Lodge in Concord N.C where there is an indoor waterpark. The park was great and even Keah got to do the big ride. Zalynn's first ride was a high speed water mat race where she was laughing the whole way down. It was great that she is such a risk taker, a lot of other kids and moms were so scared of the rides but our girls just went with it all. We met some of our great friends there (with their two girls) and had a fun packed two day watersliding bash. The girls got their nails done and we just had a good time. On the way up we visited with Bryan's mom and Charlie (her husband). We have so much to do at the beginning of next year. It will be crazy these next months and losing our high speed internet won't help. Happy New Year everyone!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's official..we now have a yellow and orange belt in the family. Both girls got really good grades on their karate report card and we all enjoyed the ceremony. We are still truckin with the house. Getting excited, overwhelmed, stressed, all emotions in one! With our new front door we now get a lot of light in the house, which looks gorgeous! I am so glad we decided on double glass doors. Looking from the transom to the outside it looks like someone painted a forest on the window, it's just nice. We are getting a lot of beautiful holiday cards; they are my decorations in since we aren't doing a tree at the house. Can't wait to see if our hot water heaters work.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I can say with a lot of 'stolz' that Sienne and Keah did not make one single mistake at the Christmas piano concert. We sat through some tough moments of kids crying and singing at the same time they were so nervous. That was Keah's first concert and wouldn't you know it, the damn battery on the camera ran out just as she was getting started. Haven't had the heart to tell her yet. Great Grandmama bought each of the girls a rose and it was just a nice evening all around. As tough as it is to get the girls (Sienne) to stick to piano I am starting to see how it is benefiting them in school especially(having to learn the things they really don't want to etc.). Now we are counting down to Christmas and Keah is keeping track like a champ. Every morning she wakes up letting us know how many days are left.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I can't believe the year is over soon! So much to do so little time! Bryan had a great time for his birthday helicopter ride. The pilot told him that he is definitely one of the 2% of the population that has a 'nack' for flying a helicopter. It was totally different than an airplane and it would be so cool to have one and be able to keep it on our roof! Maybe one day when they kids can buy us one. We had the best time for Thanksgiving. Having it at Grandmama's house, and with the kids playing so well together, it was such an awesome family event. We liked the fact that we could really just hang out all day and talk with everyone. Anyway, Christmas cards are out and catch everyone again soon.