Thursday, December 9, 2010

I can say with a lot of 'stolz' that Sienne and Keah did not make one single mistake at the Christmas piano concert. We sat through some tough moments of kids crying and singing at the same time they were so nervous. That was Keah's first concert and wouldn't you know it, the damn battery on the camera ran out just as she was getting started. Haven't had the heart to tell her yet. Great Grandmama bought each of the girls a rose and it was just a nice evening all around. As tough as it is to get the girls (Sienne) to stick to piano I am starting to see how it is benefiting them in school especially(having to learn the things they really don't want to etc.). Now we are counting down to Christmas and Keah is keeping track like a champ. Every morning she wakes up letting us know how many days are left.

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  1. The Girls look fabulous in their red dresses! I'm sure they played like angels. Playing the piano takes lots of hard work, it's wonderful they are learning to play.