Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Well, we are back! We have internet again..yeah. It's not what we had before (no more free movies) but it's faster than dial-up so we take it as it comes. So so much has happened...we have two new members to the family; Sienne got 'A' honor roll so we allowed her to get a Dutch bunny (actually our friends got her everything for them and even took her for a day to Prosperity South Carolina to pick them out), then of course we ended up with two rabbits so that it wouldn't be lonely when we aren't around. Please welcome Daisey (Sienne's bunny) and Firsky. They are both females (so we were told) and well one is super calm and Firsky, well she is very hop-pity. Everything else is actually really good, Keah is creating some great artwork (as usual). Zalynn is cute as ever, she does well with the rabbits and they do good at tolerating her strong love. Sienne is doing good at taking care of the rabbits, they produce massive amounts of fertilizer so it can be a daily chore. All the gals in the house are growing, can't believe it's already February!

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  1. It's great to see you back on line!!! Always enjoy your write up of activities and you wonderful pictures. I'm not sure I'd trust Frisky (or is it firsky?)to be a girl,hmmmm. Know the girls are loving those cuddly bunnies.
    Love you, Nana