Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kitchen Countertops

Well, we are so excited to have our counter tops in. Mostly because it will be a great bar, table, hangout spot in the house. I have a video of the guys lugging the huge granite piece up the stairs, learned new grunting tough guy sounds. We also had a water-treatment system put in. Bryan is taking Easter week off to work on sanding the floors, and yes it will probably take him more than a week just to sand. I just hope his arm sockets won't vibrate off. Keah and Sienne have started soccer practice. They are loving it and Keah was super excited that dad got the job as assistant coach (that was accidentally my fault). But now Keah's entire school knows it and just last night she dreamt about how cool that is. This is Keah's last week of school so in the next two weeks we can relax a bit. Sienne has a Squanto (good looking Indian who trusted the English) project coming up. She will be doing a presentation on the 1st of April for PTA night. Well, I am new at this Blog stuff so I will keep it short the first time.


  1. Love to read your blog, keep 'em coming! The counters look AWESOME!
    So you decided not to keep the plastic sink? ;-)
    can't wait to see all the updates in may.

  2. Think your blog is great idea - keep it going -Grandmother R

  3. This is awesome Urs so far looking goood..
    keep me posted Kitty

  4. I love the granite too. Which type did you end up getting. It looks very similar to ours. We have very good taste.