Monday, March 29, 2010

Scaffing Along

Well, this weekend instead of huffing and puffing up the bridge for the bridge run we went on a little trip with the trailer to pick up some scaffolding. Some contractors never got back to us so we decided to do the job of drywalling the ceiling to fix the water damage from our roof leak(20ft high). It was exciting putting the scaffolding together, sort of like legos but climbing while putting them together. We also went on our little trail behind the house and it had rained so the girls had a blast with falling into the mud, eventually we all got muddy and called it quits for the day. We also had some friends stop by. Their girls went with us on the adventure walk, out of all 5 girls we only ended up carrying two some of the way back. As for the kids, we were so excited to find out that Sienne got a perfect score on her report card for the 3rd 9weeks of school! I should brag about it now before she hits her teenage years. Keah went swimming today in Oma's pool. She did 7 cannonballs before calling it quits. Zalynn told some random people at Home Depot that she can put her own seatbelt on. Have a nice week!

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