Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Well we have had a busy couple of weeks. We went up to spend the weekend with some friends and stayed at their parent's house. Sienne even helped with planting a cherry tree (and of course petting the neighbor's dog). Then we ended up going sailing on Lake Murrey and it was so nice! We are also going to try our luck with getting chickens for eggs. The process takes about 6 months, but we shall see. We will get two hens and name them A and B (hopefully by the end of the year we won't be at Z). The girls love the hen house and asked their super dad if he couldn't build them one. The high point of our week is that we are in process of getting gutters. Water has recently been our enemy.

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  1. Looks like you all are becoming farmers! Chickens, rabbits...Wonder what will be next?
    Did you know that Charlie raised chickens when he was growing up on Long Island? He would sale the eggs for his spending money. At one time he had as many as 40 chickens!