Friday, March 11, 2011

One Little Two Little Three Little Chicks..

Oh this being a chicken mom thing is awesome. We have six new members to the family. They are Buff Orpingtons (apparently the sweetest of a chicken breed that one can have). Unfortunately, we had to get six of unknown sex (we will know in about 3 weeks if hens or roosters). Judging from the size and a bit of character we think there might be as many as three roosters, we'll see. They are a week old now and they have grown so much. We put a spot of food coloring on them so at least we can talk about them. I am surprised that they have survived this long under our care, hopefully they make it past the two month mark. Bryan spent a lot of quality time with them last night and you should have heard how upset they were when he left. We keep them under red light (lady at the store told us with the red light they don't pick on each other as much...wonder if I put the kids under red light if that would work as well. We used to have red light on our ear infections or muscle strains growing up and it worked like a charm. Kids are doing OK. The piano teacher is moving so I am trying to find a replacement. Next on the list is to go to our old pond and get some turtles. The log in our pond just doesn't look good without a turtle basking in the sun!

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