Saturday, April 3, 2010

Action Packed Weekend

We have been having a sugar packed week! I hadn't gotten the girls any Easter baskets so I convinced Keah to make a JackBunny. It worked for one of our egg hunting excursions but eventually she wised up and wanted the real thing so we ended up getting real Easter buckets.
Sienne's Squanto presentation went well. I was real happy she was the only Squanto, out of the 100 2nd graders there were many Amelia Erharts and George Washingtons. Keah and Zalynn had a blast with Caleb (2nd cousin) at Great Grandmamas building forts. We stayed a few hours and it is so cute to watch them all play together.
This coming week is going to be interesting. At the house Bryan is working on sanding the floors which is a whole lot of labor. We pretty much won't see him much at all this coming week. We are loving this weather. It's barefoot season again!

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