Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Big Three

The day started off with Zalynn getting her usual quiche pie for breakfast with a birthday candle. She was so happy that she got to blow out the candles. We headed over for a morning visit to the new house to see how the floors were coming along. What a lot of work!! It will probably take another whole week to do the downstairs. Zalynn opened her present from oma and then we headed to the Sewee Visitor Center where Sienne was almost eaten alive by an alligator. They had some red wolves there and we learned that humans had such fear of the red wolf that we almost wiped them out. After picking up Keah from school we headed to great grand-mamas and had more birthday play time. The weather is wonderful and it is so nice not to have to wear socks. It will be exciting next week when both girls will be back in school (Sienne's school starts at 7:20 in the morning) and we still have soccer, piano, and homework!!Onward!!

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