Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Soccer has started! Bryan looks like a 'natural' when he coaches. They are both playing really well, unfortunetly the games have been at the same time so I haven't seen Keah play and Bryan hasn't seen Sienne play. Oh well, the season just started. Last Sunday we went to the Strawberry Fest at Boone Hall. That was fun, they have a big slide and the weight limit was 150lbs. I went anyway and it was a fast ride.
I had so much momentum at the end I made this big sand cloud. Parents laughed. Zalynn ended up planted in the sand face first, she didn't do the big slide again. This weekend we have our friends the Meece's coming. We are so excited, it has been a long time since we spent the weekend together. Barbie is coming too for the week (we hope), the girls can't wait for school to be over for their yearly Barbie camp. Yeah!

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  1. Yaaayyy! Barbiecamp ! This time Zalynn can come too!